The Montefiore Winery logo is taken from a rare, gold embossed expression of Sir Moses Montefiore’s Coat of Arms. The original family crest from Italy was the basis. This was adapted,  personalized and registered by Moses Montefiore in Great Britain. The final version also features symbols of both Judaism and Israel. The main details, explained below, are all incorporated in the winery logo.


The ‘Lion of Judah’ is seen holding an Etz Hayim (‘Tree of Life’), with the banner showing the word ‘Jerusalem’ in Hebrew, which is written in the old Biblical way, Yerushalem, rather than the more modern ‘Yerushalayim’. It appears the same way on the labels.


The cedar tree, in the middle of the shield, projects an image of righteousness and strength. The Holy Temple in Jerusalem was built with cedar wood.


The small hills with flowers on them, on either side of the cedar tree represent a mountain. In Italian, the word ‘Monte‘ means mountain and ‘Fiore‘ means flower.


The Montefiore family motto is ‘Jerusalem‘, which appears on the banners (flags) and ‘Think and Thank’, which is written underneath the shield.


There are two Magen Davids, either side of the dagger. Once, these were symbols of Jewish identity. Now they are symbols of The State of Israel.


The lion and stag are ‘supporters’, granted by Queen Victoria. They are holding banners with the words ‘Jerusalem’ written on them. Symbols of the Kingdoms of Judea and Israel, the lion is the emblem of the Tribe of Judah and the stag is the emblem of the Tribe of Naphtali. In Ethics of The Fathers, it is written: “…Be as swift as a deer and strong as a lion….”


In Heraldry, the dagger, above the cedar tree, represents ‘Power, Justice and Valour’. Queen Victoria confered a knighthood on Sir Moses Montefiore in the traditional way, using a sword.


Scarcely visible, above the dagger, is a small Hamsa. This offers protection against ‘the evil eye.’


The open helmet above the shield represents the highest rank of nobility in Heraldry.


Blue, silver and gold are used in the various representations of the winery logo, because these were the colors featured in Montefiore’s Coat of Arms.