Montefiore Olive Oil


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Olive oil connects Moses Montefiore’s roots in Tuscany to the original Kerem Moshe in Jerusalem, which was covered with wild olive trees.

The Montefiore Extra Virgin Olive Oil is mainly made from Souri olives, balanced with a little Nabali. These indigenous varieties  are grown in ancient olive groves in the Jerusalem Hills, which are home to some of the oldest olive trees in Israel, dating back hundreds of years.

The Souri variety is believed to have originated in Sur (Tyre) in Lebanon. It is a small, green, oval olive and is thought to be one of the oldest varieties in the world. It is known for producing aromatic, even fiery olive oils with great character. The Nabali originated in Nablus. It is a larger olive and milder in character.

The Montefiore Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extremely high quality with the spiciness of the Eastern Mediterranean. It is very aromatic, piquant, slightly peppery, with a green character and touch of honey on the finish.

The olive oil is Kosher.