The first Montefiores to make Aliyah from Britain were the 6th generation. They founded a winery in Moses Montefiore’s memory and called it Kerem Montefiore. It is true that the spirit of the winery lies at Mishkenot Sha’ananim in Jerusalem, but the tasting room is situated in beautiful Jaffa in the midst of the historic and ancient part of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

The Kerem Montefiore Tasting Room offers tutored tastings of Montefiore wines, explanations about Moses Montefiore and the Montefiore family story, lectures & workshops on Israeli wines and wine education seminars. It also provides the opportunity for passersby to taste and buy. There are wines and olive oil for sale by the bottle.


Alternatively, there is a full range of Montefiore wines available by the glass, which may be enjoyed with a platter of fine Israeli cheeses. Those wishing to compare wines or educate their palate, will be able to choose from a series of interesting flights offering three small glasses of different wines (50 ml. each), at the price of a regular glass containing 150 ml.

The Kerem Montefiore Tasting Room will host wine events organized by The Israeli Wine Experience, which educates about Israeli wine. There will also be tutored tastings hosted by Handcrafted Wines of Israel, a prestigious group of boutique wineries and cult wines, which the Montefiore Winery is part of.

Montefiore Winery is the first Israeli winery to open a facility of this type in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, and as such will be an attraction for wine tourists, wine lovers and connoisseurs alike.


Sir Moses Montefiore visited Israel seven times and each time either arrived or departed from Jaffa Port, possibly the oldest port in the world. In Jaffa he bought the first orange grove, to encourage Jews to return to agriculture.  This was the beginnings of Israel’s citrus industry. The area is now the Montefiore Quarter of Tel Aviv. He also was the first to propose a train from Jaffa to Jerusalem even bringing an technical expert to explore the possibilities. At the time this was a revolutionary idea, but the vision only became a reality after Montefiore had passed away. 



In Jerusalem Moses Montefiore bought the first land outside the Old City Walls which he called Kerem Montefiore. He then founded Mishkenot Sha’ananim, the first neighborhood outside the Old City Walls. This was the beginnings of the modern city. He built the Montefiore Windmill, which even until today is one of the main symbols of the modern Jerusalem skyline. The remainder of the land he purchased was later named Yemin Moshe in his honor. 


The life and work of Moses Montefiore in Israel, will forever be associated with Jerusalem and Jaffa. The interwoven stories and memories of  Montefiore, and the Jaffa & Jerusalem of the 19th century, are celebrated and brought to life by the activities of Montefiore Winery, the production of Montefiore wines and the Kerem Montefiore Tasting Room.
Kerem Montefiore Tasting Room is situated at 7, Yo’ezer Street, to the east of Jaffa’s famous clock tower. It is in the Monastery Market, (aka the Greek Market), in the midst of bustling streets full of people and tourists. They may be found browsing in the street market and local stores, drinking coffee in the coffee bars and eating in the nearby restaurants. In the meantime, street musicians are likely to be performing on the street corners. Now, they may also enjoy a glass of wine whilst soaking up the unique and lively atmosphere.

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